Why shouldn’t I just use WordPress? It seems like everyone else does. It’s industry standard!

If you’re looking to just plop a generic theme on the internet and replace a few text blocks with your company info, then yes, maybe you should just use WordPress.

But then there's security. An estimated 78% of hacked sites online are running WordPress. It's the most targeted and vulnerable CMS on the internet today. It's built on an old code base whose plugin system leaves it consistently open to attack. If you don't have a developer dedicated to keeping your site up to date, you are vulnerable.

of the sites hacked are running WordPress. That's not very cool. (cite: sucuri.net)

Statamic is built on Laravel, the most modern, powerful, and secure PHP framework ever created. Statamic includes most (if not all) of the features you would normally need a pile of paid WordPress plugins for. If you want to take your website to the next level quickly, cost-efficiently, and securely, then Statamic is for you.

Okay but why no database?
What's so great about flat files?

Instead of requiring a database you can neither touch nor version control, Statamic stores all of your content and configurations in files. Text files, Markdown files, YAML files, and so on. You can see them, touch them, edit them in any editor of your choosing, and even email them to a friend for editing. Combine these files with HTML, CSS, and our Antlers template language, your site comes alive with possibilities.

Markdown in a flat file
Content lives in files. You can manage everything without the Control Panel if you want.

You can find & replace content across your entire site, write in your favorite text or code editor, or even Github. Duplicate a site & instantly jumpstart your next project. Scaffold out your content model as you go. There is no need to create schemas ahead of time. You can do that later.

Staying in sync with a live site is pain-free with version control. You can automatically commit content changes with git. Send an entire site in a zip file and it'll run on just about any modern PHP server. It’s the best tech of today married with the simplicity we all miss from 1999.

Not only that, but the structure of relational MySQL databases present scaling challenges. Sites can be difficult and expensive to manage and load balance. Some of the Moz Top 500 sites now run on Statamic after struggling on other platforms. Statamic's flat file structure hooks into NoDB environments with little effort.

What about writers and content managers? They don't have time to learn a code editor.

We would never expect them to! Statamic is easier to use than WordPress and many other popular CMSes. Start in your site tree (or customized dashboard), explore your pages and entry collections, and write, edit, and publish all from any device you own.

Statamic Control Panel
Statamic's Control Panel is flexible, intutive, and dare we say attractive.

Combine rich text fields with switches, repeating blocks, select boxes, image uploaders, related posts, text boxes, checkboxes — you name it — and craft the perfect tailored control panel experience for your team. They will love you for it. No bloat, no fields that do nothing. No need to abuse “Categories” or other features just find a way to get text onto a page somewhere. Your life will be simple again.

Can Statamic manage forms? Or do we need to pay for a 3rd-party form addon?

We believe the most common features of a website should be included and part of the core CMS product. Statamic forms collect, report, and even display user submitted data on your site.

Manage unlimited forms and responses
Manage unlimited forms and connect them to Mailchimp, HubSpot, or anything you want.

You can even export the form data to Excel-compatible .csv files, set up reporting metrics and formulas in the Control Panel, and manage/delete submissions. There's very little Statamic can't do.

We have a photo-centric magazine-style site. We need a lot control over our images.

We love those kinds of sites. Statamic's Asset Manager will knock your socks off. Not only can you see all sorts of meta data on your assets, preview videos and various document types, but you can customize fields to manage content globally around your assets. Write that alt tag once and forget it forever. And it gets better from there.

Manage all aspects of your assets, even focal points
Setting focal points keeps your photos compelling, no matter the crop.

You can rename, move, resize, crop, filter, alter, and manipulate your images to heart's content. We even have a focal point editor, ensuring the most important parts of your photos stay in frame, no matter what dimensions your image is manipulated into.

How about multi-lingual? Can we manage different translations of our site?

Absolutely. You can translate your site into any language, no addons or extra modules required. Simply add a new locale and keep on rolling. Statamic is multi-lingual at its very core.

Translate your site into any language.
Translate to any language, and even have different site structures per locale.

This all sounds really nice, but why isn't it free? WordPress is free.

Free software needs to make money somewhere. Have you wondered how free platforms stay in business? Perhaps they charge you for that one feature you didn't realize wasn't included. Or maybe you need to pay to ask a question, or need to use a special high-cost server, or your traffic is limited or throttled, or they own your data. When you're not paying for the product, you never know what external funding decision might affect your own business.

Statamic runs on your own server.

You own your site forever, and you can run Statamic indefinitely without having to pay another penny, peso, or rupee.

With Statamic, you simply pay for the software itself and get all features. No gimmicks or games. Ask us a thousand questions and we'll give you a thousand answers. Stay up to date with one-click-updates and get the latest features in a few seconds. We sell it commercially for a price and use the money to fund development and support. We have a simple business model.

Can we try it before we buy?

Yes, you sure can. We'd love it if you did.

Try Statamic Now!

Use Statamic for free in your dev environment as long as you'd like.