I see an infinitely spinning loading graphic

Statamic uses AJAX all over the place, and uses a loading graphic while you wait for the request to complete. If something goes wrong during the request on the server side, it may never be marked as complete on the Javascript side.

What can you do?

  • Check your logs
    Most of the time if there’s a server error, a log will be generated containing the error details. You can find yours in local/storage/logs.

  • View the actual response
    If you didn’t have your developer console open when it happened or you have debug mode disabled, you wont be able to use this method. You could open your console and try whatever you did again, if you like. Make sure debug mode is on, too.

    However if you did have it open, you might see a Javascript error saying something like Uncaught (in promise). This isn’t really helpful apart from saying ‘something went wrong’.

    To see the actual error you will need to open the Network tab and click the failed request (it would be red). If you had debug mode enabled, you would see a Whoops, looks like something went wrong screen with the error message. That’s the one that you need.

  • Tell us all about it
    Explain what happened, what you were doing, and give us the log and/or error message. We’ll be able to add some better error handling at that point so that you see something more useful than a spinning circle.

Last modified on June 13, 2017