Forgot Password Form

Generates necessary markup for a User "Forgot Password" form.

The form

Here’s a basic forgot password form. A user will enter their username, and an email will be sent to the corresponding email address. Since we don’t set a redirect parameter, the user will come right back here after submitting, where the email_sent condition will kick in and they will be shown a success message.

{{ user:forgot_password_form reset_url="/reset-password" }}

    {{ if email_sent }}

        <p>Email sent!</p>

    {{ else }}

        {{ if errors }}
            <div class="alert alert-danger">
                {{ errors }}
                    {{ value }}<br>
                {{ /errors }}
        {{ /if }}

        <input type="text" name="username" />

        <button>Send email</button>

    {{ /if }}

{{ /user:forgot_password_form }}

The email that they receive will contain a link to the URL specified in the reset_url parameter along with some extra query parameters. On that page, you should add a user:reset_password_form tag, so they can reset their password.

The email

Once the form is submitted, an email will be sent containing the URL for resetting the password.

This email is bundled with Statamic and will work for most people out of the box. However, if you’d like to customize it, you can. Find out how to write custom emails. The template used is user-reset and should contain a {{ reset_url }} variable, which is the generated reset URL.




The URL the user will be taken after the form is successfully submitted. Leaving this blank will keep the user on the same page.



When set to true, the redirect parameter will get overridden by a redirect query parameter in the URL.



The URL containing your Reset Password Form. A link to this URL will be included in the email, along with the appropriate query parameters.




This will be true if the form has been submitted successfully. If you don't use the redirect parameter, you can keep your users on the same page and show a success message.



The same as the success variable.



An array of validation errors.

Last modified on June 8, 2016