In (Group)

Check if a user is in a specific user group.


We want to show a picture of delicious bacon if the user is in the bacon_enthusiasts group.

{{ user:in group="bacon_enthusiasts" }}
    <img src="delicious-bacon.jpg" />
{{ /user:in }}

If the user isn’t in the bacon_enthusiasts group, the content between the tags simply won’t be rendered.

A shorthand syntax is also available, however this only allows checking against a single group:

{{ in:bacon_enthusiasts }}
    <img src="delicious-bacon.jpg" />
{{ /in:bacon_enthusiasts }}




The groups(s) to check against. You may specify multiple groups by pipe separating them. eg. {{ user:in group="foo" }} or {{ user:in groups="foo|bar" }}

Last modified on March 31, 2016