Simple Select or Multi select fieldtype powered by autocomplete suggestions from flexible sources.


Suggest Fieldtype

The Suggest fieldtype allows you to select from a number of suggested values. Treat it like a regular dropdown, or start typing to narrow down the suggestions.

The values come from either a predefined array of options, or from a third-party suggest mode.

Suggest Modes

The suggestions in this field will normally come from the options array, which is a predefined list of values.

It is possible for an addon to provide suggestions to power this field. For example, an addon might create a suggest mode that fetches tweets from a Twitter user’s account. Learn how to make a Suggest Mode.


This fieldtype supports the following settings in addition to the defaults.


string options

The method of retrieving the suggestions. Only required when using a third party suggest mode.


array if not defined by third party mode

The array of options for the user to select from



The maximum number of options to be selected. Leaving this blank will allow infinite values. Selecting 1 will save the value as a string instead of an array, and will display a dropdown instead of the tag UI.


boolean false

If enabled, values may be manually entered. Otherwise, only suggested values may be selected.

Last modified on July 12, 2018