Third Party Dependencies (Composer)

Statamic will handle the installation of any Composer dependencies you may need.

Drop a composer.json in your addon’s directory. Statamic will merge your dependencies in with its own when updating through the Control Panel, or when running the update command.

  "name": "bob/html-to-markdown",
  "require": {
    "league/html-to-markdown": "~4.1"
  • The name key should just be in the format of developer-name/addon-name.
  • Your addon does not need to be registered on Packagist.
  • There’s no need to bundle a vendor folder with your addon.

To install the dependencies, run the following command:

php please update:addons

Dependency Injection

Addon classes will be constructed through Laravel’s service container. In a nutshell, this means that you may typehint any classes in your constructor, and they will be passed in automatically.

public function __construct(Bacon $bacon)

Note: When using the constructor like this, you will lose the automatic bootstrapping and initializing features. You can use $this->bootstrap(); in your constructor to bring it back. As for initializing, just use the constructor.

Bootstrap File

This feature is deprecated since 2.6

Addon classes will automatically require a bootstrap.php file in your addon’s root directory.

However, you should consider using Composer and/or PSR-4 autoloading instead.


This feature is deprecated since 2.6

Prior to Statamic 2.6, addons were loaded in a way that prohibited the use of constructors in your own classes. Adding an init method was akin to a constructor. This method was called within the constructor.

Now that you have control over your own constructors, you may add your initialization in there.

Last modified on January 18, 2019