Event Listeners

Certain, specific actions in Statamic and other addons will fire events that can be listening for, allowing for other actions to be scripted reactively. Basically, it's just a fancy way of saying "When that happens, do this."

How Event Listeners Work

Listeners should define a list of events mapped to the class methods. When matching events are fired, the appropriate methods are executed. That list lives in the class array variable $events.

Generating an Event Listener Class

You can generate an event listener class file with a console command.

php please make:listener AddonName

Example Listener

Perhaps you’d like to send a tweet after an entry has been published in the Control Panel. You could create a tweet addon that would listen for the publish.create event and do the deed.


namespace Statamic\Addons\Tweeter;

use Statamic\Extend\Listener;

class TweeterListener extends Listener
    public $events = [
        'publish.create' => 'sendTweet'

    public function sendTweet($entry)
        // send a tweet

You may also listen to multiple events and even run multiple methods for a single event. To run multiple methods for one event, simply pass an array.

public $events = [
    'publish.create' => ['thisMethod', 'thatMethod']

Returning Data

Some events will be expecting you to send back data.

For example, the control panel will send an Entry object with its publish.create method. Any addon listening to the event will be able to modify it, and then return it back up the chain so the Control Panel can continue its task. Be a good citizen. Return your data.

public function makeEntryAwesome($entry)
  $entry['awesome'] = true;

  return $entry;

Native Events

See all the native events fired by Statamic.

Last modified on August 28, 2018